Happens at Borgo


July, 27th

Nowhere Else Kitchen

Tuesday 27th July Nowhere Else Kitchen returns, a day "on the road" discovering Puglia and its flavours by following the live streaming on our Instagram page @duecamini.  Chef Domingo Schingaro and Chef Antonio Bufi, creative talent of Puglian...

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July, 30th


From land to table: La Calce's new dinner calendar celebrates the Mediterranean culture of food and brings the harvest of the day to the table, transformed into an original menu with dishes that are good for the body and mind. A food and wine experience in perfect harmony between taste...

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July, 31st


A dinner under the stars filling the Piazza with the rhythm of Puglian music. The deep beating of the percussion and the warm voices of Terraross, the scent of traditional dishes and glasses searching for a toast: the beautiful atmosphere of village festivals dives into the heart of the...

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August, 15th

Ferragosto Cala Masciola

For info and reservations: +39 080 2255000, info@borgoegnazia.com


August, 16th


From the luminarie to the light of the stars, enchanting the eyes of people with bright arabesques shapes and multicoloured rhythmic visions. A heartfelt tribute to the traditional street light village festivals, Borgo Egnazia will see its charming Piazza come alive animated by hundreds of...

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August, 28th

Festa del Pomodoro

At the end of summer all the courtyards and country houses in Puglia smell of family, good moods, fresh basil and tomato sauce. Inspired by an authentic Puglian tradition, this evocative evening at Borgo Egnazia is an unmissable opportunity to rediscover the ancient art of preparing...

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September, 11th

Festa dell'Uva

"In Vino veritas" preached the ancient Latin wisdom and in the month of the harvest. Our inebriating “Festa dell’Uva” pays homage to wine and grapes, popular fruit of the Puglian summer. A lively and joyful occasion to discover all the phases of the grapes...

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September, 25h

Il nettare della Puglia

For info and reservations: +39 080 2255000, info@borgoegnazia.com


October, 9th

Festa d'Autunno

It is always time to party in the all-year-round-lively Piazza of the Borgo, this time to celebrate the season with warm colours and autumn flavours. A joyful occasion to treat yourself to a magical night at the Borgo and let yourself be enchanted by the stories told by local artisans and...

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October, 16th - 17th

Borgo Egnazia Tri


La Domenica del Villaggio

For info and reservations: +39 080 2255000, info@borgoegnazia.com