Endless Puglian Summer

This year we want to restart from the discovery of our Italy, more united than ever, from nature and from the wide-open spaces of our wonderful land.

At Borgo Egnazia you can experience the intimacy of your love ones without worries and everyone can choose how to spend their personal moment of freedom, immersed in the bliss of the Puglian countryside.

Because home is where you feel at home.


Dine around at Borgo Egnazia

Discover the rich Puglian traditional culture of food with our Dine Around Offer.  The Dine Around is curiosity, experience, discovery.  This service is available not only at Borgo Egnazia, but also in some selected restaurants nearby, that we choose every year with care and...

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The endless summer of Borgo Egnazia

The summer in Puglia is never ending and the summer of Borgo Egnazia is painted with the colours of Autumn. The long bike rides, walks in nature, sunsets over the sea and yoga among the olive trees: there is still time to enjoy everything that Puglia has to offer. For more information...

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Smart working at Borgo Egnazia is a moment of perfect harmony between work and wellbeing. Every place seems to be synchronized with everyone's own rhythm, perfectly matching spaces and nature. You can work immersed in the green of the private garden of your Casetta, or in the shared...

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10 - 11 October

Borgo Egnazia Tri

The land of Puglia is exciting and suggestive, a show of lights, colors and flavors: for those who want all this, Borgo Egnazia Tri will be an unmissable event. Discover more >  


3 nights

Healthy food to feel good

Healthy food to feel good - 3 nights Puglia is the perfect place to research happiness: a varied territory, ideal for physical activity while enjoying incredible views, a land with unique raw materials that allows correct nutrition in a natural way. A new dynamic and individualized...

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6 nights

Healthy food to feel good

Healthy food to feel good - 6 nights Wellbeing at Borgo Egnazia is simple research of happiness and longevity. An idea rooted in every aspect of the life at Borgo, where it is possible to find new balances and healthy eating habits. A new dynamic and individualized nutritional...

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Your Wellbeing Break

Your personal wellbeing moment at the poetic Vair, the Puglian spa of Borgo Egnazia. Four days to enjoy the life of Borgo and Puglia, synchronizing with nature and the colours of this wonderful and vibrant land. Restore the balance and moments of pure happiness, choosing between the wet...

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Happiness Break

Un percorso guidato verso una visione leggera e gioiosa della vita tramite una selezione di classi, incontri e trattamenti.  Il nostro team di esperti in felicità e benessere sarà al tuo fianco, già dal momento della prenotazione, con sessioni virtuali individuali...

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Starred night

To celebrate a happy moment or just to rediscover the Puglian tradition in its pure deepest soul. Local tastes reinterpreted by Chef Domingo Schingaro in a dinner for two at Due Camini and one night in the elegant La Corte or in a casetta of the Borgo. For a magic evening immersed in the...

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Cena d'Autunno