Paths inspired by the longest lived cultures, with the aim of improving the quality and longevity of one's life, through empowerment and learning experiences.

After identifying the world’s Blue Zone areas, Dan Buettner (explorer, National Geographic Fellow, journalist and writer) has driven revolutionary scientific research identifying particular locations where some lifestyle characteristics might explain unusual longevity. He found that the lifestyles of all blue zones area residents shared nine specific characteristics. These characteristics are called the Power 9®.

1. Move Naturally
2. Purpose
3. Downshift
4. The 80% Rule
5. Plant Slant
6. Wine at 5
7. Belong
8. Loved ones first
9. The Right Tribe


BLUE ZONES - Longevity Program

These Vair program and retreat are outlined as a path to discover the secrets of longevity.

PROGRAM - 4 days
It includes:
- 4 full board meal plans according to the Blue Zones menu;
- 4 movement classes;
- 3 spa treatments (50 minutes);
- 1 Roman Thermal Baths – The balance of water (80 minutes);
- 4 Blue Zones cooking lessons;
- 5 hours of Blue Zones concept hours and workshops;
- 2 evening events: Movie night/Pizzica night/Juggling&Circus.

Rates (Accomodation excluded)
Euro 2.400,00 per person in case of single participant;
Euro 2.180,00 per person in case of 2 or more participants.
Conditions of the Offer
The wellbeing program rate is to be added to the accommodation rate, according to the BAR rates available at the time of booking.
Cancellation policy and payment details for the wellbeing programs and eventual full board meal plan will follow the same conditions of cancellation policy and payment details for the accommodation rates.