La Padronale

It is the distant echo of the ancient mansion houses of landowners, whose memory is protected and preserved in its architectural identity. It is a harmony of arches that frame glimpses of century-old olive trees and sea scenarios in the distance. It is home to manufacturing wonders of Puglia. It is a refined wealth of details and expression of local artisan craftsmanship. It is wisdom and ancient beauty. It is history and it is a memory of Puglia. It is sensitivity to the spirit of the place. And it is, above all, the Villa delle Ville of the Borgo. It's La Padronale.

La Padronale

A refuge of rare refinement in the neutral tones of the Puglian stone, La Padronale is a Villa of 5382 square feet, nestled where the countryside meets the blue of the sea. Immersed in a Mediterranean garden of ancient olive groves, lemon trees and prickly pears, with aromas of rosemary and jasmine. Guests of the Villa have at their disposal the care and attention of two “Massaie”, lovely local ladies together with the valuable suggestions of a Local Adviser, able to satisfy local curiosities and desires in order to discover the territory.

The Villa is embellished by a charming private 27-metre pool, together with a magnificent view of the Valley d'Itria, the Adriatic Sea and the green hills of the San Domenico Golf. Laid out over three floors with 7 bedrooms, each one refinely furnished, each with a respective bathroom.

The architectural identity reflects the classic, timeless lines of traditional local architecture and the expression of the colours of the land of Puglia.

The furnishings of all the rooms, like the stone lamps made with local “tufo”, have been created by local artisans, the objects inspired by the territory tell stories of ancient traditions.

Details, information and prices on request (at the discretion of the property).

Ground floor
  • Fully equipped kitchen (with dryer and washing machine);
  • Living room marked by the symmetry of the bookcases with sofas, armchairs, chaise longue
  • Equipped with a large stone fireplace large window open to the garden;
  • A studio decorated with ceramics of Grottaglie and fabric paintings made by local artisans and its stone bathroom in Ostuni
  • Audio system with Ipod dock, which separate the environment from the adjacent dining room
  • From the lower floor, you can directly access the garden and the swimming pool.

First floor
  • 2 master bedrooms with canopy beds of soft gauze;
  • 2 double bedrooms.
  • All four rooms have large stone bathrooms in Ostuni stone.

  • 3 double rooms with private bath in made of Ostuni stone
  • Tavern furnished with game table or lunch and bar corner
  • A comfortable seating area with cinema screen and home theatre system complete with DVD player and connectivity panel to connect your own contents to cable TV or Bluetooth

  • Private garden with patio, gazebo and swimming pool (pool size from 18m x 5,5m)
  • Private court with citrus garden on the lower level
  • Panoramic terrace
  • Cable Internet connection, TV and Wi-Fi
  • TV systems with video and music on-demand, satellite channels and multi-function connectivity panel
  • Safe
  • Size of the Villa: 5382 square feet
  • Up to 14 guests