Everywhere, and all around, the architecture of the Borgo expresses ancient wisdom and beauty of an authentic Puglian village: through the tuff stones cut by hand, the blue windows that awake memories and the gardens adorned with olive trees. The Puglian tradition is sitting in every corner and the closer you get to admire it, the more you become part of it.

Walking through the narrow stone alleys is like being carried away on a journey into the past, suspended in a timeless dimension.

The picturesque Piazza is the beating heart of the Borgo’s life, with the clock tower being the only instrument that reminds the time in the whole structure. In this meeting place, in fact, time flows marked by the seasons and by the alternation of traditional rural festivals that celebrate summer harvests, the artisan magic of Christmas markets or the arrival of spring.

The Borgo hosts Mia Cucina, where you can taste traditional Puglian dishes, and the traditional restaurant La Frasca, where you can spend Sundays with family and friends. While children play in the piazza with the fabulous Trullalleri Kids Club, and the older ones with the Tarantari and Sailors Teens Club