Trullalleri Kids Club

Can you build a castle in the air with crepe paper? Or a precious jewel with the ceramic of Grottaglie? And what about turn an olive into gold? The little ones can discover it by entering the magical world of Trullalleri, the kids club that takes its name from the fabulous trulli town of Alberobello, where the houses have a cone roof, like a gnome's hat.

A world entirely dedicated to children and inspired by the traditional Puglian fairy tales - which has recently become a Sky cartoon. In fact, the Trullalleri is an enchanted microcosm made of coloured crepe paper and handmade ceramic pieces, which smells of delicious sweets and Puglia's "magic oil". Every day stimulating creative workshops immerse children in the dimension of the fantastic, letting them touch the colors, materials, recipes and ancient traditions of the land of Puglia,and give free rein to their imagination. And to educate to respect for nature and animals, at the Maria farm, children can learn how to take care of puppies and and play with horses and donkeys.

Children aged 3 to 7 years are lovingly guided and supervised by highly qualified staff. The various recreational activities are grouped by age and by play areas and are held both indoors and outdoors. There is a nursery, a playroom, a relaxation area, a playground and, on request, also a babysitting service.

Children from 7 months of age are also welcome at the Trullaleri Kids Club, subject to booking of a dedicated nursery service.